Create-a-Caption: ‘Oh, wait, you guys actually talked about that Dream Team thing?’

Oh, Kobe Bryant. Always waiting until the last minute to confirm that you were, in fact, trolling super hard. What a sadistic mastermind of blog coverage you are, Kobe. Well played, sir.

Then again, maybe Kobe isn't laughing at us. (Well, I mean, he's ALWAYS laughing at us to some degree, but maybe just not about the thing I said.) What do you think's got Kobe guffawing? Best caption wins the eternal reminder of a more pensive form of Bryant. Good luck.

In our last adventure: The most surprising thing about the confetti explosion that followed the U.S. vs. Spain exhibition game? That when everyone sang "Auld Lang Syne," it was revealed that Anthony Davis has perfect pitch. (Also, that it was not, in fact, New Year's Eve.)

Winner, Dane H: Don Cherry and Craig Sager should never have been allowed to be in the same room together.

NOTE: Seriously, that was just a dumb lack of foresight by both men and the area security guards. Not unlike when Little Pete turned on the humidifier and dehumidifier at the same time. You've got to use your noodle, guys. Luckily, Cherry and Sager kept their ludicrous-suit feathers numbered for just such an occasion.

Runner-up, Dago: Nothing brings Americans and Hispanics together like confetti and J-Lo's "Let's Get Loud."

Second runner-up, Ali: If you look closely, Kevin Love is still trying to draw a charge. Trying to earn minutes even after the game.

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