Create-a-Caption: ‘Oh, snap, this is my JAM’

Listen, I think we all love "Call Me Maybe," but I'm not sure you should be yelling in Stephen Jackson's ear, Serge Ibaka. Bad things can happen when you poke that particular bear.

Best caption wins a song + a president = classic Internet. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Brandon Bass' weightlifting regimen seems pretty weird and very, very specific. Can't be a wide variety of workout plans that involve carrying LeBron James around on your back in an oversized child carrier.

Winner, Larry B: A basketball player scared witless in crunch time of a big playoff game. Brandon Bass is also pictured.

NOTE: I respect and honor your goof, Larry B. However, it is imperative that I point our readers toward my man Eric Freeman's piece on how LeBron can both miss shots AND be "clutch" and toward Friend of BDL Zach Lowe's breakdown of why the LeBron/"clutch" debate is way more complicated than people make it out to be.

Runner-up, Mike: Brandon Bass's psyche-out proves useless as LeBron James lands a home run from the top of the key. Miami moves on to play the Beers on Wednesday.

Second runner-up, Al: LeBron proves once again why he can be such a pain in the Bass.

NOTE: Another classic Dad-style pun from loyal C-a-C-er Al from Cicero (except he is not really from Cicero, as he has told me before). Never stop keeping 'em coming, Al.

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