Create-a-Caption: 'Oh, crap, I forgot to close the tag'

Don't beat yourself up about it too much, Luis Scola(notes). Every blogger has made the whoops-everything-on-this-page-is-now-bolded-and-italicized mistake at one point or another, especially while writing surreptitiously so as to avoid the unwelcome attention of a boss when you're shirking job responsibilities, as you are by updating your Tumblr while you're supposed to be recording new books at the library at Jesse Jones High School in Houston. We've all been there.

Just remember this rule of thumb: "Always close what you open / Or the commenters will get to mopin'." Also, this addendum: "No one likes a broken link / You know what's cool? The blue-tongued skink." That's not really super helpful, but both parts of it are definitely accurate.

Best caption wins a LapShield, to protect your business against harmful radiation/heat (NOTE: not really, probably, on both accounts). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Carmelo Anthony showcases his commitment to physical fitness.

Winner, Ari: Carmelo Anthony(notes) wears the NBA's new "[Bleep] Isiah Thomas" T-shirt.

Runner-up, Patrick: "Boy, can't wait to put this 'Finally I'm Traded' shirt to use! It's gonna be the hottest thing!"

Second runner-up, indeedproceed: "Really? An entire province in Russia? And my face on actual currency? Yeah, man, maybe playing for a team that will need to start Kris Humphries(notes) won't be all bad ..."

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