Create-a-Caption: An official and a gentlebear

Ball Don't Lie

Oof — tough spot, Utah Jazz Bear. You flew all the way from Salt Lake City to the Pepsi Center so that you could go to the birthday party for Rocky, the Denver Nuggets' mascot, on Sunday, only to realize after getting off the plane that you forgot to pack his birthday present. (I am assuming it was a tastefully chosen assortment of small ungulates.) You've got to find a gift fast if you want to avoid looking stupid in front of all the other mascots; I heard Hugo the Hornet got Rocky a relaxing spa day, which is really thoughtful, given how much running and jumping you mascots have to do. Time to think fast. What can you get at the arena that Rocky might like?

Well, I'm not sure how NBA referee Leon Wood compares to a plate of small ungulates, but I guess he'll do in a pinch. And besides, it's the thought that counts. Very resourceful, Utah Jazz Bear. Proud of you.

Best caption wins a lift up where we belong. Good luck.

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Winner, Kāʻeo: "Who the hell is Jim Carrey?"

Runner-up, A Yahoo! User: "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? ... Oh, you aren't? #$%$."

Second runner-up, I Of The Storm: "But Cuban said the luxury tax was this big ..."

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