Create-a-Caption: ‘And now, we do the Dance of Joy’

OK, maybe they're not perfect strangers, but Denver Nuggets forwards Andre Iguodala and Danilo Gallinari sure seemed pretty psyched after they each did their part — Iggy with some behind-the-back wizardry, Gallo with a game-sealing triple — to vanquish the Los Angeles Lakers. Psyched enough to cut a rug, Balki-and-Cousin-Larry-style, for sure.

Best caption wins a pretty important video game. Good luck.

In our last adventure, undertaken way back in 2012 (were we ever so young?): Ronny Turiaf + Justin Bieber = tight bros.

Winner, JakeVozquel: Just five years ago, a similar picture of Frankie Muniz and Michael Olowokandi was posted on MySpace. #CountUrBlessings

Runner-up, Sean: Ronny Turiaf takes an ill advised picture with the babysitter.

Second runner-up, Big Dog: Courtside Clippers ticket: $2800
Adidas Team Hoody: $50
The moment you begin to realize that you're not at the Knicks game. Priceless.

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