Create-a-Caption: ‘It’s like you’re not even practicing, Zach’

"No, no, no. It's right, then left, then double teapot, then hips don't lie, then Roger Rabbit. I mean, seriously, Zach: Do you want to get left out of MonT.N.T.? Because no one's making you be here. We'll be America's Best Dance Crew with or without you. Your decision."

Better get on the stick, Zach Zarba. Monty Williams doesn't seem to be messing around. Best caption wins serious consideration of the dance video game "bubble." Good luck.

In our last adventure: Toney Douglas is really, really not happy with his present predicament.


Winner, ArunK: The New York Knicks, attempting to model a Big 3 after the one in Miami, have the following checklist:

1. Super skilled 250-lb. forward. Check.

2. Clutch all-around scorer. Check.

3. Guy who cares enough to cry. Check.

Runner-up, Jeffrey D: It was awkward when conjoined twins Rajon Rondo and Toney Douglas were drafted by different teams, but somehow, they knew they'd find a way to make it work.

Second runner-up, Carlos: Mike D'Antoni: "I'd like to see him make a basket while sitting on top of Toney Douglas, see what he does."

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