Create-a-Caption: Nick Young, NBA philosopher

"As Mortimer Adler saw it, freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men. But can one not find freedom in subjugation to a larger purpose, even if such purpose is governed by others, and in service to one's fellows? What I'm basically saying is, I don't think Mortimer Adler really understood the Princeton offense." — Nick Young(notes), maybe

If you think Nick Young's all 360 layups and Bubbles hair, you're blowing it. Dude's got unseen depths. Best caption wins more deep thoughts by another deep thinker. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Brook Lopez is shocked — SHOCKED — at your assertion.

Winner, thelegendarygregostertag: New Jersey center Brook Lopez(notes), hoping to add some pizzazz to lineup announcements, arrives on the court by way of invisible parachute.

Runner-up, Justin: Everyone, even Brook, got excited to receive free VW bugs on Oprah's "Favorite Things."

Second runner-up, JG: "Luke's father is ... NOOOOOO!!!!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!"

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