Create-a-Caption: Nice impression of a snake eating, Taj Gibson

Very realistic, Taj Gibson. The slick, smooth skull is a nice touch, and your ability to unhinge your jaw to get more of your prey (whether lizards, other snakes, small mammals, birds, eggs, fish, snails or insects) into your mouth for full digestion really brings it home. Luol Deng is very impressed. See how much more emotional and demonstrative he is than usual? That's his impression of someone who's very impressed. Pretty good work, all the way around.

I'm not sure if your snakeface is ready to square off with Brandon Roy's snakeface just yet — seriously, have you seen that thing? — but it's clear that you've been putting in the work to try to improve. We really appreciate it, Taj.

Best caption wins a reminder of Mikki Moore's love for snakes. Good luck.

In our last adventure: A little kid tells A.C. Green that really, it all starts for us on the defensive end, because when we're making them have to work hard to get good looks, contesting shots and getting stops, we're able to get out in transition and either get fast-break points or get into our sets early, which allows our whole offense to flow much more smoothly. Or, y'know, whatever little kids who aren't coaches say.


Winner, Usman: A.C. Green: "So, kid, how does this huge T-Mobile sponsored event inspire you? How much does it stretch your dreams? Does it make you feel like the sky is the limit?"

Kid: "When I grow up, I want to become Mike Dunleavy."

A.C.: "..."

Runner-up, Sleepy: Green: *beatboxing*

Kid: "The bridge is over! The bridge is over! Bidda bye bye!"

Second runner-up, Marc Rudolph: Green: "Who did you say the best Laker ever was? Kobe?"

Kid: "Yeah! Kobe is AWESOME."

Green: (face turning to scowl) "Listen, kid, Kobe never started in no 1,192 straight games."

Kid: "Who are you, mister?"

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