Create-a-caption: Nate Robinson invented the piano key necktie

This picture is a big ol' mess of contradictions. For one, Rasheed Wallace(notes) doesn't look the craziest, and that's not usually the case. Furthermore, the referee on the left seems to be sharing a laugh with Sheed. That's also not common. But the craziest part is how out of place Nate Robinson(notes) looks. Everybody else is having a great time, but he's screaming his little head off. Best explanation for why wins Jacobim Mugatu. Good luck.

Previously, Ron Artest gives Phil Jackson a thumbs-up.

Winner, mark: "Phil: Guys, I gotta say. This is a team that can go all the way if we all play to the best of our ability. I know I don't normally make a big deal out of these things...but...even though I have ten rings as an NBA coach and one as a player, I think this one's going to be special if we can get it. I'm really looking forward to that 12th NBA ring.
Ron: One for the thumb, right coach?
Phil: (Sighs.) Yes, Ron. Thank you.
(Ron smiles proudly.)"

Runner-up, Miguel: "Phil: 'More senseless dribbling tonight Ron?'"

Second runner-up, Paulo: "Que... Queensbridge?"

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