Create-a-caption: Like Nate

Great C-a-C eye by BDL reader "Spencer": Timberwolves' Rodney Carney hurdles Warriors' Kelenna Azubuike after a 'Buike pump fake — does that sound like a porn title, or what? — in the third quarter of Tuesday night's game. Carney was called for a foul on the play. Best caption wins recess. "Go! Go! Throw your glove on the ball diamond! Go!" Good luck, kids.

After the jump, Ricky Davis, thinkin' hard.

Winner, Bell Curve:
Oh, man, I just got it! It was because I missed the shot on my own basket!

Co-runner-up, Marshawn Lynch:
Ricky Davis reacts to the PA announcer's news that the owner of a 2008 Chevy Avalanche has left the headlights on.

Co-runner-up, Spiderbandit88:
Spidey sense ... tingling ... Michael Phelps is in the stands.

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