Create-a-Caption: Mo Williams looks for the rear naked choke on Eric Gordon

You've still got some work to do here, Mo Williams — that left arm's not going to cinch itself up — but kudos on scrambling to take Eric Gordon's back. He's clearly disappointed in himself for giving up such prime position. If you move quickly, Mo, I think you can finish Gordon before the end of the round, and I think Monty Williams agrees ... he appears to have given up the ghost there on the sidelines. Lock it up and get the submission.

Best caption wins the chance to become only the second person to like "TAPOUT and NBA Merchandise" on Facebook. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Gregg Popovich acts out the theme to "Mr. Belvedere."

Winner, Bobby Bones: "I got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two st ... WAIT A SECOND, WHERE'S MY [EXPLETIVE] DRINK?"

Runner-up, Isabella S.: "My foot hasn't even started pushing into the Lakers. That's what the playoffs are all about!"

Second runner-up (tie), Ryan: Coach Pop demonstrates the technique he used to dispatch the last reporter who asked an asinine question about resting players.

Second runner-up (tie), Benjamin: "Let me demonstrate — this is called the Bruce Bowen defense technique."

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