Create-a-Caption: Mo Evans receives some depressing texts

Ball Don't Lie

if u'd of wore just a vest 1 more day u'd of got NEthing u wanted bro

jacket tho


nah jk we'd of broken u regardless

It's times like these that Maurice Evans regrets giving Robert Sarver his cell phone number. Oh, well.

What do you think Mo's reading there? Best caption wins Texts from Pawnee, which remain basically the best kinds of texts. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! It was awkward for everyone when teammates Jud Buechler and Steve Kerr wore the exact same "hear no evil" costume to the Chicago Bulls' Halloween party.


Winner, Lil'Alien: As proposals rained down on them, Steve Kerr and Judd Buechler covered their ears to avoid the many temptations of Salt Lake City.

Runner-up, Matt T.: Needless to say, Jud and Steve were not fans of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Second runner-up, Al: Jud and Steve have finally had enough of Rodman's stories about how he used to "date" Madonna.

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