Create-a-Caption: 'Missed it by *that* much'

Seriously, Von Wafer(notes), it was that close. LeBron James(notes) was watching the whole time, and you really weren't far off at all.

So if you get in a game again any time in the near future — like, say, during a second-round series between your Boston Celtics and James' Miami Heat — he thinks you should definitely do it again. Like, as soon as possible. Got to redeem yourself, Von!

Best caption wins the kind of inspiration that can only come from Maxwell Smart. Good luck.

In our last adventure: You can hate Hamed Haddadi(notes) now. But he won't stop now.

Winner, My Name is Jason: "Is someone doing a Create-a-Caption contest about me? Because my ears are burning."

Runner-up, AlexS: Hamed Haddadi shows Dwight Howard(notes) a different way to react to a bad call.

Second runner-up, Taylor: "Just like Dylan, I will one day spit hot fire, too."

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