Create-a-Caption: Metta World Peace ponders a common turn of phrase

Ball Don't Lie

"Why is it 'head over heels'? Your head is basically always over your heels when you are awake and not sleeping and not laying down. And, like, if it's because you are so excited that you are doing cartwheels, even in that situation, then your heels go over your head and your head goes under your heels. I am head under heels right now, but I'm not really cartwheel-happy, because of reasons. I'm just in a position where my heels are over my head, which is different. Still, though, I like Freddie Prinze Jr. and Tears for Fears was an OK group, so I guess I'm OK with the saying, but still, though, I don't really get it, so I'm probably not going to use it very much. New single 'Represented' out now."

(Just seems like he'd promote his hip-hop tracks even in his internal monologue.)

What do you think Metta World Peace was pondering down there while stretching? Best caption wins a Canadian lady's story about falling head over feet for Dave Coulier, I think? Good luck.

In our last adventure: Tayshaun Prince's mime game has really blossomed.

Winner, Desmond W: "Noo-bahhhh-dee knooooooows the trouble I've seen ..."

Runner-up, THREE-WAY TIE! — OneWiseWoman, Roger Mason Jr. = Hero, Eng E: You all made perceptive and legitimate Edvard Munch jokes, which will help us all become better appreciators of fine art. Thanks, y'all.

Second runner-up, Trevor: Someone just told Tayshaun how much Charlie Villanueva is making this season.

NOTE: Sure, $8.06 million is a pretty heavy chunk of change for ol' Charlie V, but he's actually been half-decent — a career-high 40.4 percent from 3-point land, great assist and turnover rates, a well above-average Player Efficiency Rating of 17.8 and more points scored already this season than he had all of last year. Now, $10.9 million man Corey Maggette, on the other hand ...

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