Create-a-Caption: Marquis Daniels’ primal scream game is on point

The NBA season is long, you guys. Months and months of games, with long flights, late nights, lots of video study and plenty of obligations along the way. Sometimes it's hard to get and stay focused — to summon the competitive fire needed to perform at your absolute peak — even in the midst of a playoff push.

That's why Milwaukee Bucks swingman Marquis Daniels uses a little trick his old acting coach taught him — the tactic of visualization — to his advantage. Whenever he feels his intensity flagging in the middle of a game, he just imagines someone messing with his custom van — sometimes keying the side, sometimes kicking the rear bumper, sometimes writing "THIS VAN IS A FART" in the dirt on the windshield — to get himself riled up. Sometimes it works a little too well, and he winds up flat on his back on the floor, screaming to the heavens, but Jim Boylan's OK with that. When you're trying to lock down the eighth seed, it's better to have too much intensity than not enough.

What do you think has Marquis yelling, and what exactly do you think's coming out from behind that mouthguard? Best caption wins quality chamois clothes you can use to clean any van and avoid that "fart" thing. Good luck.

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Winner, Jason: Mike James demonstrates that basic principle of defense: creep out your opponent.

Runner-up, Thelionelking: "Oh damn, I already took off my tearaway warmups."

Second runner-up, Dan: "Before Dallas called me last week ... I was SLEEPING IN A VAAAAN, DOWN BY THE RIVERRRR!"

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