Create-a-Caption: ‘Give it to me, I’m gonna peg him’

There's only so much of that "pretending to be a plane" stuff that Kobe Bryant is willing to take. And since neither he nor any of the rest of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates were able to prevent it by running Jason Terry off the 3-point line, Kobe had to turn to the dark arts of dodgeball to get the job done.

Unfortunately for Bryant, the peg attempt was intercepted by J.J. Barea — I swear, that little dude is everywhere! — and quickly passed to Peja Stojakovic for another 3. The Lakers now trail by 251 points.

Best caption wins heaved wrenches hitting Macs in the face. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Rick Carlisle is very into keyboard yoga. (You should try it some time; it's a life-saver.)


Winner, PekahnPie: Coach Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks attempts to stimulate hair growth, but can only muster his left hand.

Runner-up, Daveu: "These new sideburn implants are marvelous!"

Second runner-up, JeremyO: "If I could be a mutant, I'd be Cyclops. Beams from your eyes ... nobody would mess with J.J. again."

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