Create-a-Caption: 'Let's be clear: None of you saw anything'

"I think we can all agree that nothing happened on Saturday night. And if anything did happen, it definitely wasn't that I got jobbed, and it DEFINITELY wasn't that Dr. J kissed my mom. Definitely not those things. Right, you guys? Right?" -- JaVale McGee(notes), desperately seeking the support of his Washington Wizards teammates, probably

Best caption wins either a lifetime supply of blinders or an endless loop of Candlebox playing their song, "Blinders." Good luck.

In our last adventure: No, the sign says, "Thank you for not smoking." As he is smoking, LeBron James(notes) does not expect to be thanked.

Winner, Jester: "Surgeon General's Warning: Possible side effects of selling your soul to the Devil."

Runner-up, wegman23aq: After being trapped on the Island of Cleveland by [Dan Gilbert] for what seemed like generations, The Man in Black finally escaped to South Beach.

NOTE: I only kind of get this, because I didn't watch the show, but I figure it'll be like manna to you "Lost" nerds out there.

Second runner-up, Jason: LeBron practices fading away [for] when the Heat lose to the Celtics in the Conference Finals.

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