Create-a-Caption: ‘You know, we’re not so different, you and I’

I bet if they were on the same team, Ricky Rubio would have the same effect on DeMarcus Cousins that The Sentry had on The Hulk, calming the constant itch under his skin, easing his pain and reducing his rage. Seriously: Has DMC ever looked calmer and more at ease than he does here? Alas, we'll probably never know. Maybe that's just as well; I'd hate to see what Rubio's version of The Void looks like.

NOTE: The four of you who got that are my people.

So what do you think our two smiley young folks are chattin' about? Best caption wins a bunch of unlikely animal friendships, which are, like, the best thing. Good luck.

In our last adventure: I think Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is talking to you.

Winner, Scooter281: "Don't feel bad, Coach Calipari. I don't think we could beat Robert Morris, either."

Runner-up, Paolo: "See, Mom — no cavities. Can I go play with my friends now?"

Second runner-up, Jason: MKG tries not to grimace at the sight of another Byron Mullens 3.

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Accuracy in Dental Mathematics Division, goes to Javierr, who contributes thusly: "I have more teeth than wins."

The human mouth has 32 teeth. The Charlotte Bobcats have 16 wins. Ergo, MKG's mouth has twice as many teeth as the Bobcats has wins. Congratulations to your accuracy in dental mathematics, Javierr!

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