Create-a-Caption: Kendrick Perkins, steppin' lively

True story: Only practicing high kicks can sooth the savage beast. And even then, you only get a hint of a smile, a rumor of gladness. At any second, Kendrick Perkins(notes) could snap on that little kid for doing the Running Mummy (a kissing cousin of the Running Man) instead of kicking. Be careful, Running Mummy Kid. Keep calm and kick high.

Best caption wins a tale as old as time and a song as old as rhyme. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kevin Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a friendly conversation.

Winner, the Guy: In a move to boost attendance at their Hollywood location, Madame Tussaud's sent their rendition of Governor Schwarzenegger to the Lakers game.

Runner-up, bobcatRedemption: Arnold: "So California comes up to me and is like ... 'You're fired.'
"KJ: "Burn. So when's 'Collateral Damage 2' coming out?"

Second runner-up, Justin Reyes: Arnold: "I can't believe I'm the governor of Cauliflower."
KJ: "Can't believe I'm the mayor of Sacksofmentos." NOTE: Nonsense talk is the mother's milk of C-a-C. Remember that, always.

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