Create-a-Caption: Keith Bogans is a smooth criminal

Maybe the Chicago Bulls' starting two-guard has been playing a little too much "Michael Jackson: The Experience" of late. It's been helping him stay in tip-top shape, sure, but you have to wonder if it's going to hinder his preparation as the Bulls run deeper into the playoffs.

Then again, all those hours mimicking the moves did get Keith Bogans a coveted vote for Nintendo Wii Gamer of the Year. Thanks, Dr. Jack Ramsay.

Best caption wins a pretty great collection of hee-hees. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Monty Williams and Zach Zarba get ready for some improv by playing the mirror game.


Winner, The VZA: Zarba: "Head & Shoulders? But you don't have dandruff ..."

Williams: "Exactly."

Runner-up, Master Seuss: Hair Club for Men is having a really hard time matching models for their "before and after" ads.

Second runner-up, Angelo: This is what happened when the older generation saw John Wall doing the Dougie.

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