Create-a-Caption: Juuuuuuust a bit outside, tried the corner and missed

You've got to assume Shane Battier's the favorite to win MLB's No Stats All-Star Final Vote, right? I mean, he's the guy for whom the phrase was invented.

Best caption wins some thoughts on the real MLB All-Star Final Vote, plus more on this year's All-Star game, from the dudes at Big League Stew, who actually know what they are talking about. Synergy! Good luck.

In our last adventure: Austin Rivers is surprised at the negligible effect getting drafted 10th overall had on his Klout score.

Winner, Tiltshift: "Pretty stoked no one saw these advanced statistics."

Runner-up, Triple S: "Is that monkey actually riding a pig?"

Second runner-up, Qwerv1: "Hmm, when I said that I thought Monty Williams was one of the best coaches in the NBA, my dad's Facebook status went from 'Happiest day of my life' to 'Meh.'"

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