Create-a-Caption: John Wall is full of regret

Ball Don't Lie

"I mean ... I know I said I played too many charity games last summer, but still, they asked Damien Wilkins to play in the LudaDay Weekend game and not me? I could have done fun dunks and dribbles, and been laughing and having fun with one of the stars of 'Fast Five.' But now ... nothing.

"I mean, Damien Wilkins?" — John Wall, despondent.

Best caption wins the kind of cheer-up that only "shutting up" a high school kid can bring. Good luck.

In our last adventure: NBA commissioner David Stern is simply gobsmacked.

Winner, MikeE: That awkward moment when you realize it's not just gas.

Runner-up, Grisam S: "Wait, how'd you know what teams are gonna be in the Finals next year? Only I know that!"

NOTE: Ah, yes. Nothing more fun that loving a league where people are pretty convinced everything is rigged.

Second runner-up, Shoalb S: David Stern reacts after being informed that Billy Hunter just tweeted the locations of the alleged "buried bodies."

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