Create-a-Caption: John Starks is a very jovial businessman

Ball Don't Lie

Yes, John Starks was a fiery and emotional defender during his years with the New York Knicks, but those jagged edges have long since been beveled off by the world of big business. Buying, selling, trading, making deals, cashing checks — Starks loves all of it. Especially when you're not trying to bust his chops when he calls you. C'mon, Steve. Don't bust his chops here. He thought you had a deal, and now you're over here, trying to bust his chops here? C'mon Steve.

Best caption wins what John Starks says right after someone tries to bust his chops. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Charles Barkley thinks Cheryl Miller is the funniest person he has ever met in his life. In a related story, the peyote juuuust kicked in.

Winner, Jarron: Charles laughs as Cheryl tells him about the time Reggie said he could've made the Dream Team.

Runner-up, Jerry Wu: Cheryl Miller: "Did you hear? Reggie is the third-best shooting guard ever."

Second runner-up, Larry B.: Cheryl Miller: "And when he was 12 years old, I beat Reggie one-on-one for the 500th straight time — that was when he had to get 'Property of Cheryl M' tattooed on his backside."

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