Create-a-Caption: Jerryd Bayless will scream directly in your ear to get to the rim

"Show me in the rulebook where it says I can't emit a high-pitched squealing noise on my way to the basket. Go ahead. I'll wait." — Jerryd Bayless, probably.

Best caption wins ear plugs, which Boris Diaw probably could've used. Good luck.

In our last adventure, undertaken nearly one Earth month ago: Ronny Turiaf wants the ball. (Miss you, Ronny.)

Winner, Capn_Stache: Ronny Turiaf: Journeyman. Cheerleader. Twister champion.

Runner-up, Art: When it finds itself far from its familiar sideline habitat, the Turiaf is known to freeze in an effort to avoid detection.

Second runner-up, Big S: Ronny Turiaf doesn't just chase a loose ball. He pursues a soulful connection and proceeds only when both are at peace with the relationship.

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