Create-a-Caption: Jeremy Lin isn’t so sure about this game show …

... because while he was asked to fill his card out with how much time he spends on certain activities, one of his fellow contestants is holding a card that just says, "Making whoopie." And that dude over there is screaming "NO WHAMMIES" over and over again.

What kind of game is this again, Jeremy Lin wonders? And what kind of charities are we playing for? The answer, of course: The Human Fund. Always, always The Human Fund.

For the next round, Jeremy Lin, we're going to need you to memorize this sheet music and drop your pants. Remember: It's for charity.

Best caption wins a YouTube channel full of bad and stupid answers given on game shows, because the Internet is magic. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Metta World Peace offers his compliments to the chef. And after saluting Raekwon, he tells the dude on the grill that he's done a good job.

NOTE: *Exceptional* work here, gang. Proud of you.

Winner, Impartialdisturber: "Beat me at thumb wrestling and I'll get up off your kid."

Runner-up (TIE!), Kernst: "Turns out that guy I was talking to was a waiter, man. I guess some of my words sounded like this food."

Runner-up (TIE!), Rastaman: "I don't shake substitutes' hands. And I don't handle substitute shakes."

Second runner-up (TIE!), Russell S.: Good thing Metta changed his name, or else we'd have to start calling him "Ron Artery-Test."

Second runner-up (TIE!), Mookie: The shirt and the fries are French, idiot.

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