Create-a-Caption: Jeremy Lamb has this one shirt he really likes

... and he really likes it. I mean, like, a lot.

You know what, Jeremy Lamb, let me hang that up for you. Don't want it to get all wrinkled before you ever even have a chance to put it on. Just give it over here. Right over here, Jeremy. Here. Here.

/tugs fruitlessly at red cloth

Right here, pal. We'll keep it nice and crisp.

/tugs fruitlessly at red cloth


/tugs fruitlessly at red cloth

OK, fine. Look all rumpled for your photos. I don't even care.

Best caption wins the greatest love story ever told, non-jersey division. Good luck.

In our last adventure: This direct-to-DVD sequel to "The Rookie" starring Shane Battier is ... surprisingly good, actually!

Winner, EJ: Shane Battier banks a fastball into the strike zone off the batter. I think he called it this time.

Runner-up, Larry B.: "Twenty thousand fans at AmericanAirlines Arena gives us a decided home-court advantage. Here, it's just sad."

NOTE: Now, now, credit where it's due — the Marlins have improved attendance this year. They even drew just under 29,000 for Monday night's loss to the Brewers!

Second runner-up, Jason: "All right, I got my pitching mechanics down ... so how do you take a charge in baseball?"

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