Create-a-Caption: JaVale McGee totally hates Kevin Durant’s face

Normally, when JaVale McGee delivers a facial, it's from like three feet above the rim on offense. Unfortunately for Kevin Durant, during the Denver Nuggets' big 114-104 road win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night, McGee was a defensive face-rearranger, too. Talk about your unlucky Pierres. Yeesh.

Best caption wins a hearty reminder of when Shelden Williams did this to himself, which I guess means we're all winners (except for Shelden Williams). Good luck.

In our last adventure: "Psssst. PSSSSSST. Hey, are my contacts screwed up or does Goran Dragic look blurry to you, too?"

Winner, Display Name: "Maybe if I cover my face, they'll think I'm Steve Blake."

Runner-up, Meowmeowmeow: "Is that the Gorilla? Oh God, I didn't respond to his Evite. Wow, this is awkward. Cover your face. He can't see you. He can't see you ..."

Second runner-up, The Devil: "Jermaine O'Neal is 34, I'm 39 and DWIGHT is over there complaining about being tired. Kids these days."

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