Create-a-Caption: It’s important to look your best during the playoffs

A gentleman always breaks out his finest threads for special occasions like Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals; these Oklahoma City Thunder fans have given us all something to which we can aspire. Whether they inspired the postgame sartorial choices of lead guard Russell Westbrook remains an open question, as does what these three splendid Sooners were thinking and talking about as they watched their squad beat up on the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night.

Since the question's open, it's up to you to answer it. Best caption wins a gentleman's entrance to a fancy soiree. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Chris Paul is beside Blake Griffin, and Blake Griffin's beside himself.

Winner, Chinese Sausage: "Who is gonna have home court advantage if we go against the Lakers?"

Runner-up, Yahoo: "Yup, he's Pau's kid brother, and he saw those dunks."

Second runner-up, Coach Isiah Thompson: "I have a severe migraine. They can be very dangerous because in the head is the brain."

NOTE: While the Pudge Rodriguez reference is fine on its own merits, this is more of a lifetime achievement award for the Coach, who has used this exact comment multiple times in the past. Congratulations, Coach! Now please find a new goof.