Create-a-caption: 'I honestly love your jacket'

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes — they did clone Craig Sager. I know it's something we've all wanted to happen for a long time, so I'm glad scientists finally found the technology to do it. I just wish that Sages hadn't taken his favorite Beanie Baby in to the cloning chamber. Tragic. Best caption wins Tabasco the Bull. Good luck.

Previously, Brad and Adam are chillin'.

Winner, Roger Mason(notes) Jr. = Hero: "In the national basketball association, the rim is protected by two separate but equally useless parts: Brad Miller(notes), who cannot defend a pick and roll to save his life, and Adam Morrison(notes), who is continually burned on dribble penetration.
These are their stories."
[Insert sound of rim-rattling dunk]

Runner-up, NVP: Best pictionary entry for the movie title White Men Can't Jump.

Second runner-up, Brian: This picture screams: Pink Floyd Laser Show

(Note: You guys really brought the heat this time. Way to go.)

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