Create-a-Caption: ‘Hey! Hey, I like your name!’

"Yeah, Ron, I know. I know you like Nas. I know Nas is from Queensbridge. I know you're from Queensbridge. You know how I know that? Because literally every time you have seen me for the past 13 years, you have mentioned it. Can we not, tonight? Like, it's OK, I get it, and it's fine, but can we just not?" — Nazr Mohammed, just hoping for a peaceful few minutes of garbage time.

I mean, I can't imagine Metta World Peace didn't start bringing up how much he loves "It Was Written" or how "Ether" is better than "Takeover," but hey, my failure of imagination is your opportunity. What do you think the artist formerly known as Ron Artest is saying here? Best caption wins a real serious D.J. Premier beat. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Tim Duncan is the Dance Commander.

Winner, Michael: Tim Duncan's new celebration move: Petting a very large, very invisible kitty cat.

Runner-up, Dawar K: "If Manu cuts to the left at the top of the key, I'll need to fire a pass to him at a 180-degree angle. Alternatively, if nobody decides to challenge me, I will need to shoot at a 55-degree angle for a perfect bank shot ..."

Second runner-up, Eric: "Who stole the ball I usually embrace before the game? This feels weird."

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