Create-a-Caption: Hedo and Tim Smile Time, ENGAGE!

This looks like the first frame of a super-dope friendship montage in a really great (by which I mean, phenomenally awkward and likely terrible) buddy comedy starring Hedo Turkoglu(notes) and Tim Duncan(notes). I think I'd pitch it like this: "What happens when the league's pre-eminent party animal meets up with the league's most famous wet-blanket robot? (Side note: I bet it's kind of like when Little Pete put a humidifier and a dehumidifier on the lawn and cranked 'em at the same time.) Three words: Killer Robot Party."

Actually, maybe this is a scene in a horror movie. Either way, I definitely want points on the back end, because I am a Hollywood mover and shaker.

Best caption wins friendship, which Tenacious D tells me is rare (be forewarned — there's one instance of PG-13 language if you follow that link). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Wilson Chandler's metal legs meet Kevin Durant's magnetic shoulder. NOTE: You guys crushed this one. Great work, friends.

Winner, O Mac: No foul! That was all ball!

Runner-up, Robert: First, no hand-checking. Now, no armpit-humping? This league is soft.

Second runner-up, Bibz: When it comes to playing defense for the Knicks, they all look like a fish out of water.

NOTE: For more information on "fish out of water" moves, please consult your local library. Or, check the BDL archives for the legendary Rod Benson's(notes) epic introduction of the FOOW distraction move, which J.E. Skeets later used in an attempt to distract Tas Melas during a classic TBJ Book-Off Payoff (hit the 10:30 mark to watch the full bit, or the 13:30 mark to watch Skeets to get to flailing).

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