Create-a-caption: This is what happens when geezers play hoops

I've got nothing against the NBA's nicest man, Grant Hill(notes), or its most boring man, Andre Miller(notes). I'm just saying that when you get older your reflexes slow down and maybe you're not quite able to do things you used to be able to do. That's hard to deal with, so you just try to fight through it, which can lead to some pretty wacky pictures like the one you see below. Best caption wins a case of Ensure. Good luck.

Previously, Joe Johnson is excited.

Winner, Bell Curve: "Reason number #34 why you don't invite NBA players to your wedding: they get a little too competetive during the bouquet toss."

Runner-up, KneeJerkNBA: "Johnson, Gadzuric and Ridnour first work out the finer details of their synchronized swimming routine before taking it to the pool."

Second runner-up, Phubbies: "How big is Joey? Soooo big!"

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