Create-a-caption: Your guess is as good as mine

Apparently this is the face you make when you have a hurt elbow and decide to do pushups in the middle of a game. You grimace because your elbow hurts, obviously, but also because you're kind of wasting time that could be better spent on chasing people or dancing on the sidelines with your teammates. It's a lose-lose. Best caption wins an elbow transplant. Good luck.

Previously, Mike Woodson wants to know where Brooklyn is at.

Winner, Maggie Hendricks: "[Expletive] magnets. How do they work?"

Runner-up, Antonio: "C'mon man, let us play the halftime gig! Me and the Blowfish have nothing going on right now. NOTHING!"

Second runner-up, BlaneP: "Does this air accordion make you happy?"

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