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Bill Walton. Ron Artest(notes). A crucial moment. A cosmic opportunity.

Tell me what gets said here. For the love of all that's holy: Tell me.

Best caption wins the greatest birthday greeting of all time. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Gaze upon the faces of four Spurs.

Winner, Waynehead: Tim Duncan(notes): "It's amazing that he still finds it amusing."

Gregg Popovich: *sighs*

DeJuan Blair(notes): "Hahahaha!"

Tony Parker(notes): *rapping in French*

Runner-up, alka: Parker: "Knock knock."

Blair: "Who's there?"

Parker: "DeJuan."

Blair: "DeJuan who?"

Parker (pointing to Duncan and Pop): "He's DeJuan who never smiles and he's DeJuan who's always grumpy."

Second runner-up, give_and_go: Blair and Parker, in unison: "All-Star Game vacation time!!!

Pop: "What are you doing during All-Star Weekend, Timmy?"

Duncan: "The usual."

NOTE: Maybe, but maybe not.

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