Create-a-Caption: 'Great job, buddy'

It's the end of the week, guys. You made it! I'm proud of you, and so is Reggie Miller. But Reggie's salute extends beyond daps for me and you — surely, he's bigging up some other NBA-related person, too. So why don't you tell me who and what has Reggie so pleased?

Best caption wins looped anime clips, because this is the Internet! Good luck.

In our last adventure: "Jrue Holiday is upside down," said Carlos Boozer(notes).

Winner, Dago: Nobody challenges Carlos Boozer to a drinking contest and lives.

Runner-up, CM NBA: [Boozer screaming loudly] "AND 1!!!"

Second runner-up, AlfredY: Jrue Holiday(notes) is stunned to see Carlos Boozer checking into a game during a non-contract year.

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