Create-a-Caption: He’s got a ticket to ride, and he don’t care

When you score 32 points on 22 shots, make a double-tough clutch bank shot with 1:26 left in the fourth, hit all 12 of your free throws (including two huge ones with less than 10 seconds remaining) and lead your team to a big Game 2 road win to take a split back home for Games 3 through 5, you can get a golf cart ride. Take a load off, LeBron James. You've earned it.

Best caption wins cool golf cart tricks that you should by no means ever, ever, ever try to perform. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra shows Dwyane Wade precisely how big the heart of a champion truly is.

Winner, Give_and_go: Spoelstra: "So, I need you to feed LeBron more in the fourth."

Wade: "I got this! I'm your closer, coach."

Spoelstra: "Dee, game on the line, please give it to 'Bron."

Wade: "Yeah, yeah. You mean shoot the ball. Got it, coach."

Spoelstra: "Don't. Shoot. Pass. It. To. LeBron."

Wade: "Got it, coach. No worries. I'll make the game-winner for us."

Spoelstra: "*sigh*"

Runner-up, Isaac M: Spoelstra: "... so you see, Bruce Willis's character was dead the whole time."

Wade: "Whoa. Hang on. Back up."

Second runner-up, D.: Spoelstra: "I think the best way to explain a play is by starting at the end, briefly, then going back to the beginning, and then periodically returning to the end, maybe giving different players' perspectives throughout. Just to give it a bit of dynamism, otherwise it's just sort of a linear play."

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