Create-a-Caption: Glen Davis isn’t trying to argue with you, man

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa — now just hang on a second. I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong, or that there isn't more than one side to this issue. There are plenty of ways to look at this. Like, I'm not saying everyone needs to do it or anything, or that I'd even like it if everyone lived the same kind of lifestyle that I do — to each their own, you know? All I'm trying to say is: I think — no, I believe — that there needs to be room in society for adult men to drool uncontrollably in public. And we can agree or disagree about that, but it's still going to influence the way I vote in the upcoming municipal elections."

This is a very weird conversation for Glen Davis to have with Stuff, the Orlando Magic's mascot. And I can't believe he's decided to do it during a game. But then, it's not for me to try to censor Davis or hem him in; after all, this was a joke you saw coming.

Best caption wins a clarification of the color of Big Baby's collar, in what The Basketball Jones' Trey Kerby correctly identified as "one of the best postgame interviews of this young season." Good luck.

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Winner, Trevor: Referee Ed Malloy: "I'm telling you, Coach. Steve Novak is my son."

Gentry: "Yeah. I can see it now."

Runner-up, Scott: Malloy: "So I said, 'Then I'm going to delete my Instagram account.'"

NOTE: Topical humor!

Second runner-up, Tyler: Malloy: "Look, Alvin, all I'm saying is that 'Anchorman' is a perfect movie by itself, so why would you jeopardize that by making a sequel? Everyone involved has pretty much nothing to gain out of this and they have everything to lose. It's gonna be 'Hangover 2' all over again. I just don't understand why Dreamworks can't leave well enough alone."

Genrty: "OK, OK, fair enough. Agree to disagree."