Create-a-Caption: Friendship — pass it on!

Part of understanding that the NBA is a business is also being able to maintain friendships when circumstances shift. Derek Fisher may not like the way the Los Angeles Lakers handled his exit, and Kobe Bryant may miss his old teammate. But both understand that front-office dealings are out of their control, and that while in-season rivalry is ephemeral, the kind of friendship that lets you sneak up behind someone and surprise them with laughter-eliciting shoulder touches is eternal. Let's try to remember that as we smile our way into the weekend, friends.

Then again, maybe it's the conversation, not the shoulder touch, that's got both Kobe and Fish smilin'. What's transpiring here? Best caption wins a reminder that you're my best friend. Yes, you. Good luck.

In our last adventure: That's some good leanin', Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Steve Nash.

Winner, Ahsan: Public Address Announcer: "We now take this short break in action to provide you with some of tonight's entertainment ..."

*cue "Thriller"*

Runner-up, Dan Meisler: All three, in unison: "There go the playoffs."

Second runner-up, My Name is Jason.: "And with a wave of my hand, POOF! The ball is teleported ..."

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