Create-a-Caption: Frank Vogel will smile you into submission

Cut it out, Frank Vogel. I said I was done, OK? Quit it.

Listen, it was fun having staring contests to kill Lockout Time for a little while, but it became very clear very fast that you're way too good at them, and it's boring now. So stop it.

You're basically the creepiest person in America. If this was four years ago, you'd be begging to become a "watching you poop" meme extension. You're so lucky that meme's cashed.

Seriously, Frank, you have to stop that. You're in "definitely don't buy anything from that ice cream truck" territory.

You know, at first I didn't understand why it took the Indiana Pacers so long to officially hire you. I understand now. This is the worst.

Oh, God, you're still doing it.

Best caption wins the worst Joker costumes ever, outside of Frank Vogel's closet. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! I'm kind of bummed that the "Stone Cold" Antawn Jamison gimmick never caught on; it was so much better than "The Ringmaster" Antawn Jamison. (Not as good as when him and Troy Murphy were The Hollywood Blondes, though. That was dope.)


Winner, Bell Curve: During one of his rare public appearances, former Warriors owner Chris Cohan cheers on Antawn Jamison.

Runner-up, Perron: Having lost in Battleship, Clue, Electric Football and Twister, Death recruits Jamison for a game of two-on-two for the rights to Bill and Ted's souls.

Second runner-up, Mad D: They said he was too old, but Kevin Willis made his comeback anyway.

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