Create-a-Caption: ‘Forward … touch … side … together’

See? You're dancing, Jameer Nelson! Look down at your feet and how beautifully they're moving. It's just that simple when you've got a teacher who cares, like Dwight Howard. (Well, a teacher who cares and has watched the Winter Ball dance sequence from "Angus" like a billion times. That probably goes without saying, though.)

Best caption wins a very, very '90s soundtrack (NOTE: not really). Good luck.

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Winner, Waynehead: "As a matter of fact, I did put deodorant on today."

Runner-up, DMD 312: "I'm the best, mayne. I did it."

Second runner-up, Algrady6: "I don't have two guns, a shotgun in a guitar case and a machete this time. I'm innocent."

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