Create-a-Caption: Everyone stop wrestling — J.R. Smith called timeout

Look at you — Keyon's headband is all messed up, Sasha's all flustered and out of breath, and J.R.'s trying to crawl away begging for a truce. If you boys don't quit roughhousing, none of you will get the Atlantic Division title. That's right; that'll be your punishment. There are a dozen nice young men in Philadelphia right now who'd love nothing more than to have a nice new Atlantic Division title. You think I'm kidding? You just try me, Busters Brown.

Now quit fighting and go wash up. Dinner's almost ready. ... No, J.R., we're not having tacos. We're having meatloaf and potatoes and green beans, and you are going to eat every last green bean, so help me God, or you won't shoot another 3-pointer ever again.

Best caption wins I don't care who started it, I am finishing it. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Earl Clark can outrebound you in his sleep. Litchrully.

Winner, Da Dinininon: "Breathe, Earl. Just breathe. C'mon now. You can do it. Woosah ..."

Runner-up, Vaffanculo: While Thing was great at getting a hand in the face, he always fell for the closed-eyes, two-handed jam.

Second runner-up, Robert C: Earl Clark picked the wrong day to stop drinking Red Bull.

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