Create-a-Caption: Evan Turner, daydreamin'

It's OK, Evan Turner(notes). It's only natural to turn inward when you're having trouble fitting in. When times are tough, we all look for little ways to escape. Whether it's reading a steamy romance novel, embarking on a long LARP/cosplay session, taking a trip down the Tumblr rabbit hole or getting your Wiley-Wiggins-at-the-end-of-"Dazed-and-Confused" on by slipping on your headphones and cranking "All the Young Dudes" as you stare into the middle distance, everybody's got their own way to get away.

Judging by the warm, glazed-over look on his face, it seems like Evan's pretty pleased with the destination of his momentary mental vacation. But where do you think he's gone? Best caption wins a bunch of information about "Daydream Nation." (We're all winners!) Good luck.

In our last adventure: Drew Gooden ain't seen spit.

Winner, Justin: "I'm not crying ... it's just smoky in here."

Runner-up, Bakes B: Here's young Yoda giving birth to himself. NOTE: Best not to think too much about this one.

Second runner-up, KMH: Drew Gooden(notes) can no longer watch Ersan Ilyasova(notes) try to Dougie.

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