Create-a-Caption: Esto es lo que parecen hermanos

Ball Don't Lie

(Loosely: "This is what bros look like." Also: Miss u, ShareBros.)

Teammates J.J. Barea and Renaldo Balkman beam heartwarming smiles in celebration of their Puerto Rican men's national basketball team topping Mexico 74-72 on Sunday to win the gold medal at the 16th annual Pan-American Games. In tender sports moments like these, we often let our truest feelings slip, informing our bros just how tyte we believe them to be.

How do you think J.J. and Humpty shared their platonic love? Best caption wins a pair of medallions that say what words so often can't. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! I get that you're the strong, silent type, Jerry Sloan, but you can use your words to let us know which Bee Gees song is your favorite.


Winner, Jim: "One Coach of the Year Award would be a nice recognition."

Runner-up, Russell S: Jerry Sloan: "All right, Ostertag ... you do realize that once you redeem that coupon, this is your ONE chance to have the offense run through you. Are you SURE you want to use it? [sigh] ... OK, Stockton, pass him the ball."

John Stockton: "But Coach ... it's the Finals ..."


Second runner-up, E-Dub: "Boozer! I'm gonna count to three, and you better start rebounding. ONE ..."

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