Create-a-Caption: Enough already, Goran Dragic

C'mon, Goran Dragic. "Southern Hospitality" literally came out 11 years ago. You've had plenty of time and opportunity to make "When you get on the floor, throw dem bows" jokes. If you didn't make enough by now, well, that's just too bad. Stop falling down, jutting 'em out and waiting for other people to laugh, because they won't. I'm sorry to have to be the one that breaks this to you, but the sooner you get over this, the better.


OK, just one more. I mean, it is kind of fun. But NO MORE AFTER THIS. I'm serious, Goran.

Best caption wins a thousand sharpened elbows in the underground. (Now how's that for a shift in tone?) Good luck.

In our last adventure: DeAndre Jordan gives Dick Bavetta quite a start.


Winner, Robert C: Not sure who the winner of this "O face" contest is, but I do know I feel sick.

Runner-up, Lamartine: "No, Dick! I told you not to stare at Randy Foye's jumpshot too long! Now you're turned to stone! Turned to stooooooone!!!"

Second runner-up, Baileyc: Bavetta: "So whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want?"

Jordan: "WHATCHA WANT?!?!"

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