Create-a-Caption: Easy, there, Gordon Hayward

Jeez, it's just a friendly game of dodgeball, Gordon Hayward(notes). You don't have to go all Weird-Mustached-Ben-Stiller on us. Look at how uncomfortable you're making Jarron Collins(notes) with your Wolverine-style berserker barrage. Not cool. Best caption wins a nice, tall glass of Calm Down Juice. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Nets rookies ride the Great Wall of China.

Winner, the Guy: Ready guys? Meet you at the bottom of the standings!!!

Runner-up, craigerswuzhere: "Come on guys, let's hurry up. There's no line to get into the ball pit."

Second runner-up, Jamil R: In an attempt to help draft picks and newly signed free agents get over the fact that they are now going to New Jersey, the Nets ownership takes all recently acquired players out for a day of games and ice cream.

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