Create-a-Caption: Dwyane Wade’s head hurts so hard, refs, he swears

"Oh, man, that hurts so much ... are they looking? ... Owwwwwww, you guys, that was probably a flagrant ... how about now? I think I have migraine-like symptoms now, thanks to this Asik character! Lemme just get two shots and the ball real quick, mmmkay?"

Best caption wins a little, yellow, different solution for the dude with the sweet line in his hair. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Marc Gasol skies for a rebound. ... Wait, that can't be right. (looks at copy he was handed by management) Really? "Skies"? This dude? OK, whatever.

Winner, Ben Kasanch: "Tengo que ir. Mi pais me necesita."

Technically, this translates to, "My country needs me." But I think we can all make a friendly Friday afternoon exception for the language barrier and agree that this means Marc Gasol is Spanish Poochie. Except that you are never allowed to die on the way back to your home planet, Marc. You hear me? We need you.

Runner-up, Robert C: Gasol: "Oh, yeah, suck it, haters! Told you I could get more than six inches off the ground!"

Second runner-up, Cordell: Gasol: "Oh, man, I cant wait for the 'Avengers' movie to come out! Iron Man puts on his suit and flies like this — woosh — and shoots lasers and ..."

Rudy Gay: "OK, Marc, save it for after the game again."

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