Create-a-Caption: Dwight Howard stars in ‘The Next Next New Karate Kid’

I mean, I think you're going to have a pretty tough time topping "NBA player Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets performs flying and leaping kicks during a recent clinic in South Korea," but hey, maybe this time around, fiction will be stranger than truth. I'm on-board just so long as the specific fiction I created up in the subject line doesn't wind up somehow being true, because I wouldn't want anything to steal the thunder of Dwight's other forthcoming feature-film project (and also because my eyes are already permarolling at the idea of Dwight and Jackie Chan working together).

Best caption wins some good pointers for how to win fights while sitting on someone's shoulders, courtesy of our forever indispensable Yahoo! Answers service. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Nick Young recreates some of his favorite scenes from the 2009 documentary, "Gamer."

Winner, Dago: Nick Young: "So this thing's touch-screen?"

Marines: "Yeah, man. Just tap them."

Young: "So I just tap the enemy? Cool ... Hey! Why won't it shoot?"

Marines: *snicker*

Runner-up, Triple S: You know its a video game when Nick Young gets Kobe to pass to him.

Second runner-up, Chuck: Nick Young: "Haha, look. This fool has six straight seasons shooting lower than 45 percent from the field. His name is ... damn."

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