Create-a-Caption: Drew Gooden's peek-a-boo game is legendary

Look at that. Full shirt coverage, plus fingertip buttressing. Multiple eye-area wrinkles, evidence of super-tight closing. And that head duck? Well, let's just say somebody's been practicing their Turtle Style. Man, when it comes to peek-a-boo players, they really broke the mold when they made Drew Gooden(notes).

Actually, technically, they broke the mold afterward, because A) Drew Gooden had to come out of it, and B) they were like, "It's pretty weird that we have a mold for creating peek-a-boo players as if they were Creepy Crawlers," but you smell me. (I'm saying he's really good at peek-a-boo.)

Best caption wins a visit from Peek-a-Boo Kitteh. Good luck.

In our last adventure: That is not your bench, Kevin Garnett.

Winner, Alex J: We always knew KG was insecure, but the little spoon? Really?

Runner-up, Dynasty: "[Bleeping] thanks for letting me [bleeping] sit on your [bleeping] lap. [Bleep]!"

Second runner-up, Mike M: "Thank you SO MUCH for sweating up my jeans."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Boss Division, goes to Lil'Alien for suggesting that KG was singing "Born to Run" to that female fan and asking her to "strap [her] hands across [his] engines." The image of Kevin Garnett(notes) belting out Bruce Springsteen lyrics will make me laugh on days when there are no laughs to be found. Thank you, Lil'Alien.

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