Create-a-Caption: I don’t have very high hopes for the new ‘Dirty Dancing’ reboot

I mean, for one thing, people put Jared Dudley in the corner a lot. Like, 12 percent of the time.

StatsCube + Jennifer Grey jokes = Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend, everyone! Be safe out there!

Best caption wins a Swayze serenade (which is the best kind). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Even Dwight Howard's kind of confused about what's going on. (Obviously.)

Winner, Manolo: "Dude, I already answered that question. Yes, I bought this nice outfit thinking I would be a Net."

Runner-up, Nicholas P: On the count of three, Dwight will wake up from hypnosis and believe that he DOES want to play for the Magic.

Second runner-up, Dickon Sandford: This is the face of one of the few people in the world who considers staying for $22 million a year over five years with Orlando versus leaving for $20 million a year over four years a "lose-lose situation."

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