Create-a-Caption: ‘Don’t you sass me, Horford’

"I know what picture those Yahoo! jerks used in those previews, and I'll be a son of a gun if I'm going to see you crack wise while I'm giving you the play. Don't you sass me, Horford."

C'mon, Al Horford. I mean, I'm glad you read my parts of BDL's 2011-12 Season Previews, but I don't think you should sass coach Larry Drew in front of everybody like that. It's not nice, and it's just the kind of thing that could derail your Atlanta Hawks' momentum at a time when everyone, even Marvin Williams, is playing pretty great.

Also, you don't happen to know if Marvin read my parts of the Season Previews, do you? Because I was TOTALLY kidding about that "lukewarm water and stale bread crusts" line, which was super obvious, but still, if you could make sure he knows, that'd be great. Thanks.

Best caption wins a wolf-based reminder not to sass people, courtesy of Dragon Boy Suede. Good luck.

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Winner, Russell S: Tyson Chandler proves his critics wrong by proving he can hit the broad side of a Bargnani.

Runner-up, JakeVozquel: With the NBA eliminating the shooter's technique to draw fouls, offensive players are resorting to other methods, like super strong-hold gel.

Second runner-up, Al: Tyson takes a page out of Tim's book and tries to create a new fad, but is America ready to go from Tebowing to Laying on of the Chandler?

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